The state of the union address from the director

It’s been a while so if you missed my rants I’m truly sorry.

Firstly a huge thanks to all those who have supported us and enjoyed what we do here. Also a huge thanks to the haters because it just makes us keep doing what we do.

I’ve been involved in one way or another in music for a while. Admittedly I haven’t been in the whole “music managemnet game” for a long time. So it is great to be appreciated by so many.

I like to keep things fairly simple and professional. I prefer if myself, and the people that work for me, get on with the job at hand and not worry about the other shit going on.


A few things to get off my chest.


a) Dear Big Sound,

I hope this finds you in good health.

I’m not sure if I speak for everyone in this case but here goes.

You do a great job and promote our local music scene oh so well. However I still feel you can do better. I work with alot of promoters and managers who get next to nothing for what they do. Like myself, they don’t beg for thanks, they just get on with it. It’s been great knowing those people, seeing what they do, and at times, learning from what they do.

It is these “small time” promoters and band managers that you should also include. Perhaps we should propose that in the future, you keep a venue for the duration of Big Sound, and use it to showcase the unknown, unsigned bands and promoters. Just an idea. What do you think?

As i conclude this letter, I will suggest that you think about some of the true “local promoters” that try so hard to keep this scene alive. Believe it or not they are the lifeline for many bands struggling to “make it”.


Kind regards


p.s. Get Blair Hughes to speak next time dammit!


b) A message for bands: Guys promoting and managing yields very little rewards. Any reward that comes along is celebrated like winning a fucking oscar. I ask bands that, until you earn your stripes in this fickle industry, get your head out of your asses. I don’t care if you’re signed or not. Respect and professionalism goes a long way in my books and I am sure for alot of other local promoters. We’re here for you to help you. To give you a leg up.

So next time you and your band ask to pay a show: 1) be patient.Don’t be so god damn pushy. Sure I like to do business quickly too. But still, no need to badger. 2) Consider expenses the promoter has to fork out to make that show happen. Especially if it’s an all ages gig in a hall somewhere in the sticks. 3) In some cases, well in most cases, the more people you get through the door, the more you will be paid. There are hardly any guarentees in band payment these days so don’t expect to get rich off one support slot.


c) My final point of the day. Another huge thanks. With your support it has given Mannequin Republic to work more with overseas promoters and bands. I believe this will be a huge benfit for the company. We’d like to thank:

Craz Nokz Clothing (Indo), BandTraffic (US), Roman Uprise Promotions(US), Heavy Rain Clothing (UK), Hope and Faith Clothing(US), Death Indie Management(Indo), Hardcore Promotions Australia, Shotgun Entertainment, Mutilated Promotions, Brisbane Sounds, Pistol Whipped, Powermouth, Australian Music Scene, Brisbane Local Bands, Deadsets Touring, Winston McCall, Brett Gurewitz, George Petit, The Blackout, Punkfest, Every Day Formula, Dropdead Gorgeous, Noise Magazine and so many more for getting the name out there including all the venues that have supported our gigs. It has given me alot more confidence about the future of this business.


We’d also like all our fans to go and listen to the following bands who have also helped us be who we are:


The Jon Experiment

The Last Outlaw


Road to Ransome

Blair Jackson

Andrew Lowden


Remains the Day(NSW)

Vision Eyes(Indo)

Past is Practice(NSW)

The Plastscines(FR)

Sonic Porno

Gathered Below

In The Walls

Every Passing Dream(US)

Autumn Descent(US)

The Irrits

Oceans Away

This City Ignites

Elle Bliss





Tom Byrnes


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