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Mannequin Republic is pleased to announce it has formed a partnership with FaceDown Promotions USA. The Colorado based band promotions company will be booking, promoting and helping our bands for future US tours and festivals. We feel it will be a long and fruitful relationship. For more details, US bookings and enquiries for our bands, contact Shaun Zombie at [email protected]

We’d also like to mention that we will be working with Life of Luxury Clothing UK. We love their designs and hope to make the relationship a full on working one in the near future. With Maxim Scott (Your Demise, Bring Me The Horizon and Drop Dead), Keaton Henson (Cheer Up! and Drop Dead) and Michael Shantz (Many) on board, it is sure to be a huge hit over there and hopefully in the near future, in Australia. Stay tuned for more exciting designs coming from these lads from the UK.

You can contact them at the following sites. They have some pretty rad designs instore!



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