A Message From Loki

The Jon Experiment demands your vote to put them on the top of the Triple J Unearthed punk music charts

The Jon Experiment are taking over the Triple J Unearthed Punk Charts, with 3 songs climbing several spots in only 2 weeks. Currently they have tracks ranked at number 3, 5 and 6.

But it’s not good enough for The Jon Experiment’s bass player Loki “Grand Daddy Funk” Discordia, who has this message for fans: “Vote, or I’m coming to your house with a broom handle!”

In a further effort to get votes, it is reported that Loki has been going door to door, slapping householders with dead fish until they register on triplejunearthed.com and place a vote for The Jon Experiment. “Ya mum’s already done it!” he was overheard shouting.

Do not let this happen to you! Simply go to The Jon Experiment’s Unearthed Page and rate each song. “The more stars you give us, the shorter the beating I give you” says Loki.

If you’re not already registered, simply go and sign up. It’s fast and easy!

Together, we can put The Jon Experiment at the top and avoid the uncontrolled wrath of Loki! Vote now!

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