Flood Benefit/update

As we all well know, the floods have been all over the news and it’s been terrible. Today Brisbane is set for a huge flood. We’re lucky here at Mannequin Republic HQ. However so many people are not. Our hearts go out to people that have lost loved ones and those that have lost homes. Today Brisbane waits.

Unfortunately we’ve had to cancel a gig or two. Tonight’s 299 show involving, The Last Outlaw, The Violet Alibi, The Ovaries, Hack, and Gathered Below, has been cancelled due to band members being in isolated areas. The Valley is expected to be flooded as well in coming days. We hope that our music community hangs tight and everyone remains safe. The community is banding together as well. A number of benefit gigs are being set up. Stay tuned for more that we will be involved in. We have one of our own on January 22. In The Walls, The Last Outlaw, Decades Away, The Irrits, and The Violet Alibi are all playing at it (provided all members are ok and are safe by that stage). Entry is a gold coin donation however any donations of any sum are accepted as well. All proceeds will go towards the Premier’s Flood Appeal and we are looking to get some of that if we can, to part of the Salvation Army that provides basics such as clothing and food.

Stay safe QLD and we will be gigging again very soon. Stay tuned for benefit gigs coming up.

Tom Byrnes

Managing Director

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