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Parkway Drive: Love them or hate them…..

Posted on by Mannequin Republic

About 50% of my friends love Parkway Drive and the rest hate them. I understand both sides as well.

But love them or hate them, one cannot deny the fact that they’re technically Australia’s biggest band overseas right now. Bigger than Temper Trap? Perhaps. Certainly bigger than Tame Impala. But maybe not as big as Empire of the Sun or Pendulum. But they’re definately on the cusp of something great.

I first saw Parkway Drive many years ago. I think they were supporting I kIlled The Prom Queen. I distinctly remember Prom Queen pretty much getting annihilated. Poor guys. Even with a room half full of shirtless teeanges doing haymakers, I had that feeling that Parkway were going to be pretty big. at the time, they sounded different. They blended punk, metal and hardcore so well. All genres that are major influences for the band.

I also remember the members … more...

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Xmas Newsletter

Posted on by Tom Byrnes

Our new website is up and running thanks to the hard work of Erin Higgs and Ian Gnatz. But more so Erin.
But seriously it is fantastic and it’s finally great to have something up for all to see. As good as Facebook has been for us, it is awesome to have something different to show our fans as well. There are a few more kinks to be ironed out but overall we’re mega pleased.

In other news, we signed up The Last Outlaw. An amibitious and young band from Brisbane. They haven;t been together for very long but they are tight. They have a long way to go as far as development is concerned but that’s what we will help them with amongst other things. So if you’re in Brisbane, please come along and support some southern hardcore. It’s different and not like anything else in the hardcore scene.… more...

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