What is wrong with you

What is wrong with you

I discussed this recently with my business partners. The way society strives to be different. We are trying to hard to be different that we all end up the same.

In the context of the local music scene in Brisbane, it is rife.

I went to the Troubadour the other night to watch Re-enactment and a bunch of other bands. It was disappointing to see the lack of variation. All the bands that played that night were tight and were quite enjoyable to listen to. But after a while, it all blended into each other. The only band that really stood out to me was Hunz (?) They lacked a “hit-single” to me but overall they were very different and actually looked like they were a bit serious about their music. Moon Jog and Re-enactment were quite entertaining as well but I felt they lacked a bit of charisma. and they also needed to grow more facial hair. Moon Jog won in that department.

There are a number of reasons why I think Brisbane will always lag behind the rest. Why the music scene will only slowly develop. One such reason would be the constant positive feedback the bands get. I have’t read many negative reviews recently. Perhaps because the reviewer is either a devoted long time fan or perhaps they just want free tickets to the next show from the band. Who knows. But I know this, without criticism, a band will find it hard to develop. If anything criticism will help a band. It would push them to strive to work harder to become the best.

Instead we have a bunch of people that think they know what they’re talking about and are all quite chummy and cosy like a little family. God help anyone if they say anything shit about their favourite band.

I embrace negative energy. It is probably the main reason why i keep doing what I’m doing. After talking with Brett Gurewitz last week on the phone, I have a better idea of how things work. One of the issues we talked about was selling out. He simply stated, “if you’re going to make it, you gotta sell out man. Otherwise you may as well fuck off and stay in your shitty little town and become a king. I would much rather be the prince in a massive multi-national industry, than a king in an industry that is a lot smaller and going no where.”

I guess he has a point. But the fact is, people love kissing the ass of the king/queen and he/she enjoys the feeling.

I have seen it in a number of bands kicking about Australia. The bands have found their comfort zone and have found a steady cashflow and are happy just to hang in this country (ie British India etc etc). Thankfully we have a number of bands that are actually trying to make it a big deal overseas. They are spending a large amount of money touring around the world because they want it. Beiing popular and big in Australia isn’t enough. and this is great for competition. Look at bands like The Temper Trap, Karnivool, Birds of Tokyo, Midnight Juggernauts. They’re all doing quite well overseas because they put in the hard yards and spent the money and in some cases moved overseas.

Perhaps the Saints had the right idea by moving out of Brisbane.

The Brisbane music scene is in a good place right now. But I cannot see actually hitting the heights. Reaching for th stars if you will. It’s almost like, oh fuck Powderfinger is dead now so let’s just hang for now and wait for another one. Or the reunion tour. Powderfinger set a benchmark in many ways. But they too were a band that really were bound to Australia. They didnt really have to make it overseas i guess but i don’t remember seeing them try that much either. Along with Silverchair and a few others, they will remain as one of the former kings of Australian rock music. Rather than a prince of the world.

Brisbane needs to do some catch up and get moving. i feel it is stagnant with not much coming out of it apart from perhaps the Hungry Kids of Hungary. I’m sure Brisbane will be watching them closely in coming years.

What is most disturbing recently is the lack of knowledge or in some cases, common sense of people starting up businesses in this place. I have seen so many cases of amateur hour in the music scene it’s pretty worrying. But this is another topic for another rainy day.

By the way you should come to see Spitfireliar, The Jon Experiment and Hack at X&Y tomorrow night.


  • The Jon Experiment
  • GoGo Haunters
  • Whiskey & Speed
  • Pretty Boys
  • Elle Bliss
  • Moses Gun Collective
  • Hunz
  • Beware the Hippos
  • Elixian
  • Hungry Kids or Hungary
  • Blair Jackson
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