Mannequin Republic update

So it’s been a busy few months with festivals galore and gigs and heaps of interviews and more to come!
Just thought we’d update you on what’s been going down!
Recently Byrnes just made a quick trip to Los Angeles for work related matters. Such matters included catching up with The Plastiscine’s lead singer/guitarist, Katty Besnard. There was much rejoicing. Also Byrnes managed to score a sweet chat with a few artists. We won’t tell you who just yet but let’s just say, Mannequin Republic needed a female artist/band to interview to balance out the ones done so far. And also Aussie fans may well be seeing the other band on our shores in coming months. And you will most probably get a raging boner in the process of reading said interviews. Many thanks to The Blackout, Brett Gurewitz and The Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club for giving up their time to chat with Mannequin Republic.

An update on our artist roster. This week we recruited Blair Jackson. A Scotsman living in Australia. Pretty cool! Great dude with some amazing songs to share with you all. Cannot wait for future gigs with Blair!

Andrew Lowden is still rocking the suburbs. Keep a look out for a secret singer/songwriter evening involving himself and Elle Bliss and hopefully Blair Jackson.

Speaking of Elle Bliss. The lovely lady has been itching to get some tunes out there for everyone to enjoy and finally we have something! Keep your ears and eyes peeled for her debut EP release. What an absolute joy to have around!

Back on The PLastiscines. The girls will be heading to Canada next week for a couple of shows. One of them being at the World Champs for Mountain Biking. Or something like that. So if you’re in the Quebec region make sure to go check out an amazing band! They will certainly rock your underwear off and possible your socks.

The Jon Experiment has finally found a guitarist. In fact I am well informed that this dude is pretty amazing and has learned the songs straight off Facebook and Myspace song clips. Sounds great! So far he is un-named, unknown, and most probably a figment of everyone’s imagination.

Also there is heaps of stuff happening for a few of the other bands we’re doing PR for. The Lyrical is busy recording and is keen to release a debut album by October. Album launch is going to be epic!
Spruce Moose will be heading down to the Gold Coast for a great day out! They will be playing the main stage of the Broadwater Parklands, Spring Music Festival….Darryl Braithwaite will also be on the bill after them! And it’s totally free! Nice work guys!

We’ve also joined forces with MimiMuse Management. Their band, A Beggar’s Second will be flying over for a quick visit to Brisbane and its surrounds. Check them out at The Live To Shine Festival and we will be announcing some more dates with supports around Brisbane.
6th November- Live To Shine Festival
7th November- Alloneword Club
8th November- Ric’s Bar…. supported by TroubleKarmaFlow
9th November- The Beetle Bar….. supported by Elle Bliss and another act TBA
11th November- The Step Inn for Mannequin Republic Band Camp 3 with The Lyrical, Andrew Lowden, and Spruce Moose.
12th November- The Jubilee Hotel (Upstairs) for Mannequin Republic Band Camp 4. Bands to be announced.

Finally, Mannequin Republic would just like to thank all that have supported us and continue to do so. We really appreciate it and know that we don’t say it enough. It is also an absolute joy to have the bands we have on our roster. They’re all amazing musicians and just knowing the likes of Andrew Lowden, Elle Bliss, Blair Jackson, Jon X, The Plastiscines, makes us feel really special. WE’re proud to represent you.
Also a shout out to some others. Huge kudos to The Lyrical for being so supportive and helping us grow! Many good times in the future for sure! Many thanks to the photographers as well, Dianne Laura, Rachel Tinney from TooManySteves, and Studi02 Photography. Check them out on Facebook if you haven’t already. All amazing photographers. DropDead Gorgeous. Fanny you’re a star!
Also to all the bands that we do PR for and any others that have stumbled into our lives, thank you very much for the support. To all the bands/artists that send us demos and Myspace links, we listen to everyone. We will get back to you as soon as we can and let you know what we think. We want to try and help everyone. We want to take everyone on and put them on the books but it is sometimes simply not possible with the workload we already have.
Big big big kudos to Pistol Whipped as well! They’re doing great things for electronic music and DJing and all that stuff! Check out the next epic Pistol Whipped evening!

And finally, huge thanks to Thomas Hughes and Ian Gnatz. Ian has been doing a solid job from Thailand, getting the business to a point of looking respectable. The design of the business cards, the logo, and the website is all down to him. Ian will also be sourcing out some merchandise over in Thailand. Thomas has been great with sourcing out ideas, radio stations and anything to do with the press. Hopefully there will be many more fruitful years with both these jamokes.

More updates to come!

Peace and fight the good fight for local music!


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