LA Guns / JIm Rockfords / JJ Speedball

So where to begin. I rocked up early to see how JJ Speedball would sound. Their Myspace didn’t sound too bad so I guess I was expecting something pretty decent.

What I got was a guy in pimped up sneakers, a bandana, sunglasses, and singing about cruising in his Holden. I’m not sure how the set ended because after 2 songs I was already outside having a smoke.

The Jim Rockfords have always been pretty entertaining and have quite a large fanbase in Brisbane. The band was tight and definately got a few of the punters dancing. It was good to see after seeing the small part of the shambles that was JJ Speedball.

Jim Rockfords certainly didn’t blow me away but I can see where the appeal lies and it’s a winning formula.

So now to the headline act, The LA Guns. After a 10-15 min intro of a mixed track of dramatic suspense music, the band arrived on stage. Sad to say, I left after a bout 5 songs. Dreamtime, the love song, killed it for me. It was the last straw.

But seriously, I wasn’t sure if they were serious or not to start off with. But then after a couple songs, sadly, they were serious.

Maybe I am becoming more scathing with my gig reviews. I don’t proclaim to be a journo but I know a good thing and a bad thing when I see it. This wasn’t good. It had a weird feel to it. Like after you accidently cheat with Slash’s daughter. Does he even have one?

The guitarist was good i have to give them that and his “sex-face” whilst playing guitar was pretty entertaining. The drummer and his technique was very basic. The drummer couldn’t sing to save his life either. Why they had him on backing vocals only God knows. The lead vox were pretty fucking cool actually. I think I was more distubed by the antics, and the try-hard theatrics. But then again who doesn’t like a bit of cheese in their life?

It’s a shame that I let my ears be molested for so long that night. I honestly was hoping for something to smack me around the face and say fuck yeah rock n roll. But it failed to materialise.It’s a bit sad that they have been around for a while but have failed to develop into what could be a great glamrock band. the vocals are there and the riffs are there. It seems like The LA Guns are just coasting along on the back of a fomrer connection to The Guns and Roses.

Oh well. Jim Rockfords, you win!!

Rating- 0.012 / 10

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