Festival Season

Summer is upon us again. So that means the festival line ups have been announced. Let’s focus on the 2 main summer festivals. Soundwave and Big Day Out. To compare the two is pretty pointless. Both cater for different audiences and a different type of crowd.

Sure Soundwave has probably 10+ bands that could headline a festival and Big Day Out has 3. But the Big Day Out is probably the better one as far as success and money making is concerned. Both festivals do an amazing job with their promoting and hard work getting big bands to come out to Australia. I can tell you that after doing No Sleep Til, it’s hard work and at times not very pleasant. The idea of putting on a festival is very romantic and lovely and silver lined. The fact is, it’s not.

I have a feeling the Bam Fest organisers were looking at the world with rose coloured glasses.

What impresses me about Soundwave is that they manage to grab different bands for each year. It shows they are committed to doing that but also shows that the alt-rock industry is massive and has become a money making force. Look at Warped Tour and Bamboozle in the USA. Soundwave is based on the same concept. Entice the kids to turn up cos they’re the ones with money or the ones their mums and dads will give money to to burn.

The main gripe i have with BDO is the way they just reclycle acts. I hate it in fact. However, there will always be soemthing for you at BDO. Even if the headliner isnt what you wanted.

This year’s announcement didnt impress me. However i’m sold on Rammstein. I would’ve paid $150+ to see them anyway.
Tool are solid live and the Deftones alwyas put on a great show and Grinderman is awesome live.. But the rest of it was the same Aussie bands you get each year, and the same style. Nothing excites me about BDO anymore.

However, BDO has become such a name and has built such a reputation, that they really dont have to promote the festival anymore. It is always guarenteed to sell out regardless of the line up. Much like Splendour in the Grass.
As predictable as teh aussie bands are on the bill and as thin as the international line up is, they will always make a few million off each show. And will always sell out. Perhaps not in Adelaide.

Soundwave has just sold out in Melbourne and is about to sell out in Brisbane.

On another note, No Sleep Til tickets are on sale. If you buy a ticket to that I will love you forever. That is a festival that will do well I feel. If it works this year then it’s likely it will happen again. But whether or not we can not recycle bands remains to be seen. the bands on the bill you may notice are not contracted to Soundwave touring and haven’t toured with them as yet. the problem is the rest of the alt-rock bands have. Our cut aim is to get 10-15K people inside the RNA Showgrounds and at this stage it’s only the main arena that will be used. either way it will be a huge show and Megadeth is one of the worlds greatest metal bands. We also have more Australian acts playing as well, led by Parkway Drive.

Hope to see you there people.


Mannequin Republic

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