Well I will be one of the first to admit that I hyped up Muse like they were God’s gift to music. And at one stage i guess they were heading in that direction. This will probably end up being one of those “their old stuff was better” blogs.
As far as their CDs are concerned I’m not too disappointed with the music. Admittedly their recent effort “The Resistance” is decent and at times well composed. Matt Bellamy’s genius does sometimes filter through on a few songs. However overall it’s all over the place, the order of the songs is all weird and Muse may as well name themselves, “Matt Bellamy and Muse” or “Matt Bellamy and the Two Stooges”.
Self-production didn’t really work that well for them.

I guess I am more pissed off with their live shows of late. They started really going down hill after their epic two nights at Wembley Stadium. I have been lucky enough to have seen them in all of their differenct periods and fazes. I first saw them at Livid in 2000 and then managed to catch them on their Origins Tour, Absolution Tour, and The Black Holes Tour. It’s easy enough to say that “their new stuff will never compare to their old stuff” or “they were the days”. But in this case it really is fucking easy.

I miss the days when Matt had blue or red hair, or when they used to get drunk and take mushrooms before taking the stage at a major festival. Or when they would totally destroy the set and Chris would slam his bass guitar into the bass drum or Dome would get a guitar thrown at his face during a gig.
Obviously bands mature and grow up a bit. But to totally change your sound and the way you go about your live shows to suit certain demographics and hence changing your style of music to please radio listeners (aka selling out) pissed me off.

The lack of enthusiasm at the Gold Coast Big DAy Out was on par with the Kings of Leon. And from reports from the USA, their live shows have been just as short as a Kings of Leon gig. 50mins-1 hr is fucking lame.
Thankfully the GC Big Day Out they payed over an hour. I felt sad watching them at Big Day Out this year because I had a feeling it would be the last time I would see them. They played a decent set, a mix of the old and new (mostly new). But one thing they did was they covered the set time frame with fillers, nothing songs, and they over-played riffs from old songs to fill in time. That to me was poor form.

I love Muse and thankfullly I have some pretty damn fine memories over the years. I have seen them 10 times now but I feel that’s where it will end. I cannot justify seeing a band, any band, that plays for a short time for $130. To me the SHowbiz, Origins of Symmetry, and Absolution eras will live on. Black Holes and Revelations had it’s moments but that’s when things started to change. Prog-rock is progressive sure, but i think they’ve slipped into a comfort zone where they don’t feel the need to totally go out in their live shows and challenge themselves.

At the end of the day, me bitching will not change anything, they will always make more money than me and will always have those crazy diehard fans that I love.
I feel let down but at the same time truly happy to have seen them at their best.

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