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New Bayharbour On Triple J



On behalf of the band, Mannequin Republic would like to give a special thank you to the fine folks over at Triple J for playing Bayharbour’s brand new single “Transition” on back to back nights.

The song was broken on terrestrial radio with its appearance on the April 28 edition of The Racket as hosted by Lochlan Watt.  The complete playlist for the show can be seen at

Also played on that episode of The Racket as Mannequin Republic’s very own A Breach Of Silence and their breakout single “Vultures.”

The very next night, “Transitions” by Bayharbour was played again, this time on the ever popular Short.Fast.Loud show, early on on the April 29 edition.  You can see the playlist for that show, put together by brand new host Josh Merriel by going to

Much thanks again to Triple J for showcasing new music by 2 … more...

Take A Minute For Trinatyde



One of the Brisbane metal scene’s favourites is Mannequin Republic’s own Trinatyde.  Although the band has been quiet over the last couple of months with drummer OJ on holiday and a new guitarist being added to the line up, there are heaps of new things in the works for Trinatyde.

One of their newest features is the excellent new weekly video updates called “The Trinatyde Minute”, which showcases members of the band in their natural environment: after gigs, in the practice room and hanging out in the studio.

These videos are exclusive content on the Trinatyde Facebook page, which you can see right now for free by going to and hitting the “like” button.

Catch all the latest happenings with Trinatyde on Facebook with “The Trinatyde Minute”, full of tour and event updates, music video insight and brand new music clips coming your way soon!… more...

Heavy False Awakening Premiers


as paradise falls

Mannequin Republic would like to thank all the support that went into the latest music video release by As Paradise Falls for their “False Awakening” project.  The video has smashed over 20,000 views and continues to be a favourite among heavy music fans across Australia.

Major thanks to the hard working crew over at Heavy Mag for officially premiering the clip on their website and breaking it to the world.  You can read the article in full at

Heavy Mag not only produces an up to the minute news site about all the latest and greatest heavy bands coming in and out of Australia, but also a solid physical publication available at your local news agent across the country.

We would also like to thank Triple J’s awesome heavy music show The Racket for premiering the “False Awakening” track on their May 12 radio broadcast, in time with … more...