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Bayharbour Wrap Metanoia



Many thanks to everyone who came out to be part of the Brisbane leg of the Metanoia Tour, when Sydney hardcore rockers All For Eternity came to town to party down with Mannequin Republic’s own Bayharbour on September 3.

A great time was had by all and Bayharbour are always stoked to see our longterm fans and to win over a few new ones.  Thanks to All For Eternity for having us as part of their tour and the other rad bands we got to play alongside, Ocean Sleeper, Tapestry and Of Divinity.

Thanks also to The Foundry in Fortitude Valley for hosting event and Backbone Bookings and Facedown Records for putting the effort in behind the scenes.  We hope everyone had as much fun as we did and we look forward to having more Bayharbour shows for you in the very near future.… more...

Paradise Gives AAA Interview



With “Digital Ritual” continuing to spark interest in the next steps for As Paradise Falls, more and more media outlets are jumping on the bandwagon and trying to get an insight on what the new project is all about.

Guitarist and founding member of As Paradise Falls Danny Kenneally sat down for another interview, this time with AAA Backstage and writer Liam Murphy to get into the nitty gritty of the album.

In the interview, Liam gets Danny to open up on the As Paradise Falls sound and the different metal sub-genres we can expect to hear in the new album, the themes and ideas behind the new album, recording in Thailand and some revealing insights on the mysterious new vocalist.

It’s a great interview and we hope you’ll go and check it out right now over at

Many thanks to Liam Murphy and AAA Backstage for putting … more...

Breach Clip On Instagram



As part of a recent promotional campaign for Brisbane powercore heartthrobs A Breach Of Silence, a short music video was put up on Instagram featuring the band at their recent show with Drowning Pool in Brisbane.

The clip was comprised of live shots taken at Max Watt’s on July 28 when A Breach Of Silence played the main support slot for their American mates in Drowning Pool.  The music featured is a live version of the song “Lost At Sea.”

You can see the video for yourself right now on Instagram by going to  It’s well worth a look.

Massive thanks to Asagai Images for filming on location and putting this clip together.  You can see more great work from Asagai Images on the same Instagram account.… more...