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Royale Treatment With Chronolyth



In one of the highlight events to close out the warm weather here in Australia, our very own Down Royale tore up the stage at Brisbane’s hottest scene club, The Brightside, to celebrate the launch of the new Chronolyth album Astrophy on April 29.

Mannequin Republic would like to thank the fine folks at The Brightside for putting this event together and inviting Down Royale to be part of the show.  Mad props to the other bands for rocking out with us, Chronolyth, Driven Fear and Worldlines.

Of course, it wouldn’t be any fun without all you fanatics who came out to jump around to some of the underground hardcore scene’s best sounds.  We hope to see you again at another Down Royale event in the very near future.

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Bayharbour Fire Highlight



An absolute banger of a tour ripped through Australia’s major cities last May when Bayharbour took to the road with I Set My Friends On Fire over from the USA and domestic heavy hitters in Awaken I Am.

During the middle of the tour Bayharbour took the stage for two epic shows in New South Wales, including Newcastle’s crazy scene club night, Drone, at Hombre Records.

This all ages show was off the hook, but don’t take our word for it, check out this sweet 30 second highlight clip posted on the official Bayharbour Facebook page.

Major thanks to everyone who came out to party with us in Newcastle.  We here at Mannequin Republic can’t wait to bring more of our acts to your corner of the world very soon.… more...

Goblet Of Blairsy



More love from the awesome underground media activists in the states for showing their love for A Breach Of Silence once again, as bassist and vocalist Blair Layt made his return to Wicked Chick Radio.

This time Blair was part of a new platform hosted by Wicked Liz and author Michael Aronovitz called “Wikkid Goblet Of Horror”, which focuses on heavy music genres and horror themed literature and film.

You can hear the full, hour long broadcast right now by going to

The show featured two tracks from The Darkest Road album, “Vultures” and “The Darkest Road.”  Both tracks were analysed and dissected by the hosts before going into a long format interview with Blair himself.

The interview covered topics like the band’s song writing formula, Robert Frost poetry, working with guitarist Matt Cosgrove and producer Fredrik Nordstrom, horror movie soundtracks, supernatural experiences, mainstream entertainment, dance music, playing … more...