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Sticky Paradise Sales



Fans of deathcore rising stars As Paradise Falls need to head over to the band’s official sales point at right now to get in on the many special offers going on.

Items for half price, exclusive offers and freebies are all happening now at the band’s Bigcartel store.  Everything from t-shirts and hoodies to hard copies of their latest EP Save Yourself.

Brand new special As Paradise Falls stickers are available as well and the band will chuck some in for free while supplies last, so get in on the specials while you can.  There are even more great deals for As Paradise Falls Facebook fans, so if you haven’t already, check them out on Facebook at and give them a like.  You won’t be sorry!… more...

Thanks To Q and JMC



A special thank you to the fine folks over at QMusic for inviting us back once again to another great workshop.  Mannequin Republic managing director Tom Byrnes was a featured guest at the April 28th event at JMC Academy in South Brisbane where they covered a whole range of topics about the music management business.

The event had another full audience of keen musicians, artists and future managers, with a lot of great questions asked.  As always with QMusic and JMC Academy, there is a lot of great knowledge and insight shared.

Tom Byrnes was featured alongside other great local managers Julia Bridger and Branko Cosic and was hosted by Chris O’Neill.

We would also like to thank everyone who registered and turned up.  It was a great discussion and we look forward to the next one.

You can catch Tom Byrnes talking about managing bands coming up at this … more...

False Awakening Released


as paradise falls

As Paradise Falls have been making waves yet again with select shows in Syndey’s prime underground venues, a headlining tour of New Zealand and also the release of a brand new music video for the track “False Awakening.”

You can see the video in full on YouTube right now at

This is the first official video clip since the band’s groundbreaking release of “Equilibrium” from September last year.  This latest effort from As Paradise Falls features lasers, smoke and all the heavy, in your face sounds fans have to come to expect from an As Paradise Falls live show.

The video was filmed at Expressive Grounds on Queensland’s Gold Coast.  The production, filming and editing was done by official band tour photographer Third Eye Visuals, whose awesome graphic work has been a major part of the band for years.

The track, “False Awakening” is part of the Save more...