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Trinatyde Seeks The Beat



Trinatyde continue to push forward with plans to release new material this year and reform the band in an effort to keep up with the continued demand for live performances.

A large part of that effort is hinged on finding a new drummer to keep the beat.  Over the past several weeks the boys in Trinatyde have been auditioning drummers from all over the greater Brisbane area and have been impressed with what they’ve heard.

In a statement dropped on their official Facebook page, the band said “There has been so much talent out there, Brisbane you should be proud of what our local musicians bring to the plate.”

Trinatyde also promises to have a few surprises in store and we hope to share them with all of you in the near future.  In the meantime, keep up with for the latest news on Trinatyde and our other awesome … more...

Sentinel Daily Reviews Secrets



Brisbane based powercore outfit A Breach Of Silence have been growing in popularity internationally over the last several weeks with reviews coming in from across Europe and the Americas for their new project Secrets, but we’re always glad to see what our local fans in Australia have to say.

The album was recently reviewed for Australian heavy music publication Sentinel Daily by contributing writer Paul Kerr, who put in an excellent review of Secrets, analysing the track list thoroughly and deciphering the bands sound and influences.

For an interesting look at an Australian take on the brand new third album by A Breach Of Silence, we encourage all of you to check out this article on Sentinel Daily at… more...

Top 40 Features Falling Away



The first cut from the brand new A Breach Of Silence album has continued to stir up the music scene with the controversial subject matter of “Falling Away” and the point hammered home by the music video released along with the song.

Shortly after its debut, media outlet Top 40 Charts picked up the story for their news section, in an article featuring long quotes from vocalist Rhys Flannery and guitarist Mat Cosgrove.

In “Falling Away”, A Breach Of Silence tackle the concept of the value gap in digital streaming services and the harm it does to artists and the music industry as a whole.

You cans ee what Top 40 Charts had to say about it, along with the full video clip on their website at

Our thanks to the editors of the Top 40 Charts news section for including A Breach Of Silence in their newsfeed.  … more...