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Bandcamp Plagued



Fanatics across the Aussie music scene have been keen on the new efforts put forth by our Brisbane based hardcore act Bayharbour and we can not wait to share with you several things they have coming down the pipes in the near future.

To wet your apatite of what’s coming up, Bayharbour have a special offer on their Bandcamp page.  You can now download their single “Plague” in mp3 or FLAC formats in a “name your own price” scheme as a special thanks to everyone who has supported the band over the last several months.

That’s right, pay as little or as much as you want to get the Plague single to enjoy anytime, anywhere.  Just go straight to the Bayharbour Bandcamp site at and download it today!… more…

Back To Back Clock Tower



Fanatics in Launceston, hometown heroes Save The Clock Tower are back in action for a special back to back show on April 25.  Celebrate Anzac Day with a host of true blue Aussie hardcore bands from around Tasmania that rock harder than a game of two ups.

Both shows are happening at The Pav (inside the Lazy Butterfly) in Yorktown Square, Launceston.  If you’re in the area, grab your mates and check out one or both of these killer shows.

First up, a special afternoon performance headlined by Save The Clock Tower with Interview With An Escape Artist and featuring three bright young bands from local high schools, including Turbulence and What Lies Beneath from Launceston College and Burning Horizons from Kings Meadows High.

Get there early and support these awesome up and coming artists from 2:30 pm on.  This show is all ages and tickets are only $10, so … more…

Night Rider Launch



A Breach Of Silence have released another major project as the official music video for “Night Rider” is now available on YouTube.

Gathering nearly 15,000 hits in the first few days of release, the video has created a buzz and stirred the pot prompting a wave of positive support and criticism.  It is definitely one of the more ambitious projects A Breach Of Silence have ever put out.

The launch of “Night Rider” was presented by, who specialise in all things movies, games and comics and put together an exclusive premier for the video.  The Bloody Disgusting website features a full length interview with the clip’s director Steven Caldwell on everything that went into making it and his personal experience with the project.

You can see the full premier at

Also, you can view the official “Night Rider” video on YouTube right now at and … more…