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A Breach Of Reviews



After self releasing their debut full length album in October 2013, no one would have expected nearly a year later that Dead Or Alive by A Breach Of Silence would still be pulling in new and glowing reviews.

The last few weeks has seen an influx of new reviews for Dead Or Alive as industry experts and critics prepare themselves for the upcoming project by A Breach Of Silence in another collaboration with Fredrick Nordstrum and Henrik Udd.

Check out this stellar review by Animal from Beyond The Pit Chicago, where he breaks down the intricacies of the A Breach Of Silence sound.  Fantastic quotes throughout this piece including “you give me your favorite heavy band right now and I’ll raise you with A Breach of Silence.”  Read the full article at!a-breach-of-silence/c1ge7.

Another great review coming from Head-banger Reviews in an article spurred on by Eclipse Records.  Another … more…

Reawaken On Bandcamp


bayharbour reawaken album ep music video hardcore rock punk metal brisbane australia

Mannequin Republic’s hot new property, Bayharbour, have been turning heads with their brand new EP, Reawaken, which is available now through all major digital outlets, and as a special treat for all you Bayharbour fanatics you can demo the album on the band’s Bandcamp page.

Head over the right now to check out the full 5 track EP, including the single “Reawaken” and the next big cut off the project “Wanderer.”  Completely free to listen and downloads for only $1 a song!

Don’t forget that physical copies of the EP are available at the official Bayharbour Bigcartel store along with t-shirts at

You can also grab Reawaken on iTunes by going to

If you’re not already on the Bayharbour bandwagon, go have a listen to this EP right now and be part of the turning point of Australia’s underground heavy music scene.… more…

Good To Be Blunt



Mannequin Republic would like to give a special thanks to Blunt Magazine for showcasing a couple of our bands in Road To Ransome and Save The Clock Tower in recent issues of their magazine.

The June issue featured Brisbane based shooting stars Road To Ransome on the Mish Mosh CD at the front with “Slipping into Eternal” (featuring Beth Lucas) off of the band’s first full length album, Animus and a little bio on the band inside.

The July issue of Blunt featured a half page promoting the brand new Wasteland album by Save The Clock Tower out of Tasmania, spreading the word just prior to the official release of the CD.

Blunt Magazine is available at newstands across Australia and is the country’s leading heavy music magazine.  You can find out more about them on their official website at… more…