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Paradise Promotes New Vocals



Since the sudden departure of their previous frontman, fans and media sources have been buzzing with speculation as to who might be the new replacement for the coveted vocal spot with As Paradise Falls.

Although lots of rumours have circulated and guesses have been made, no official announcement as to the new signer has come from As Paradise Falls.  However, the band has made it clear in recent social media posts that the band intends to play live shows in Queensland with their new frontman before the end of the year.

As of now, the likely debut will take place on November 11 when As Paradise Falls supports A Breach Of Silence at the Crowbar in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.  This will be the first time Aussie fans will get a glimpse of the new vocalist and a heap of new tracks from their upcoming debut album.

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Bayharbour Release Stargazing



In a surprise release for late October, Brisbane hardcore outfit Bayharbour unleashed their latest single on the world, with the brand new track “Stargazing” setting the stage for the continued evolution of the band.

Although known for pushing the envelope with their sound, “Stargazing” is yet another unique example of the diverse talent Bayharbour possess.  Hard hitting drums, interesting spins of screams and clean vocals, melodic and intricate guitar riffs, this track has again set Bayharbour apart from the rest of the hardcore music scene in Australia.

Hear “Stargazing” for yourself right now on YouTube by going to

“Stargazing” was mixed and mastered by Gareth Hargreaves, with special artwork by Thomas Bryden.  This track was also released through the promotional efforts of Dreambound Music.

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Breach And Paradise Hit Crowbar



Big event announcement for the many Mannequin Republic fanatics in Brisbane as two of our hottest bands team up to blow your minds for a special show in Fortitude Valley.

On November 11, you can catch the first show in months for A Breach Of Silence, who are headlining this special showcase, with rumours swirling they will be unleashing some hot new music from their recently announced new album, Secrets.

Equally anticipated will be the featured support act, another Mannequin Republic favourite in As Paradise Falls, who have also announced a wrap to recording their new project, with the promise of new music and the debut of a brand new vocalist, still shrouded in mystery.

Also on the card are super sexy local acts Wildheart and Odysseus Reborn, to kick off the show and get this party started right.

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