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Revolver Sampler



As if there wasn’t enough in the headlines these days about Save The Clock Tower, here’s another little project they are a part of: Revolver Magazine proudly presents the Bullet Tooth sampler collection featuring Mannequin Republic’s own Save The Clock Tower.

The sampler set is now available for free download at where you can get “Swan’s Song” off of the brand new Wasteland album by Save The Clock Tower.  There are 8 other Bullet Tooth bands featured on this disc including Affiance, The Paramedic, I, Omega, Gamma Pulse, Death Ray Vision, Serianna, The Smoking Hearts and Nightshade.

Massive thanks to Revolver Magazine for putting out such a cool collection.  For those of you unaware, Revolver Magazine is one of America’s longest running and hardest hitting heavy music publications, with heaps of awesome articles and features on everything from classic metal to modern hardcore.  Check out their official website at … more...

Core Reawakened


bayharbour reawaken album ep music video hardcore rock punk metal brisbane australia

Massive thanks to the fine folks over at Core Community for sharing around the official YouTube video for Bayharbour’s latest music video, the title track and first single off their new EP, Reawaken.

Core Community is a social media group on Facebook promoting, sharing and reaching out to any and all hardcore, metalcore, deathcore and every other type of “core” music throughout the world.  They share everything from mainstream heavy acts like Upon A Burning Body and Avenged Sevenfold to emerging new underground bands like our very own Bayharbour.

Make sure you check out all the latest from Core Community on their Facebook page at and be part of all the new stuff happening in the world of hardcore music.… more...

Almost Equilibrium



Fanatics across the Australian music scene have been keeping a close eye on Brisbane’s pop-core bad boys, As Paradise Falls, as they continue to build momentum with a string of live shows and rumours of new material in the works.

“Equilibrium” is the first new single the band will launch in over a year and the project as a whole is sure to cause a ripple across the collective spines of heavy music fans everywhere.

The single comes complete with a brand new music video, a teaser for which can be seen right now at  The track has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Shane Edwards and the clip is under the expert creative direction of D.O. Blackley from Her Name Is Murder Productions.

Make sure you check out this teaser for “Equilibrium” if you want to get your mouth watering for the upcoming new project by As … more...