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Tyde Comes To Nambour



Fanatics on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, prepare yourself for an awesome night of metal as Metal United Down Under brings another event to Nambour, featuring Mannequin Republic’s very own Trinatyde in the headlining spot.

Metal United Down Under is an awesome national event, which Trinatyde has participated in before, bringing metal gigs across Australian cities together for one night when the country really rocks.

Also on the line up are Gutter Tactic, Misguided, Nescient, Undermine The Supremacy, Plague The City, Frayed And The Fallen, Exiled in Eden, Nescient and Misguided.  Make sure you come out and party with them as they rock Nambour all night long.

It all happens this Saturday, October 10 at the Sunshine Coast PCYC (Youth Avenue, Nambour).  Doors open early at 1:00 pm and tickets are $20.  This event is all ages, so bring your mates and chuck a mosh, it’s going to be a heavy night.… more...

A Breach Of Funds



As many of the A Breach Of Silence faithful already know, the band is major keen to get back to the USA after their red hot tour with Drowning Pool last year.  Blair, Cossie, Trickey, Rhys and Kerrod teamed up with crowd funding website Indie Go Go to source some funds for their second tour of America.

The project started off with a bang and the band reached nearly 30% of their target, offering a host of unique items up for auction, ranging from CDs and band merch, to personalised experiences with the band.  A whole host of awesome prizes were taken off the table within days of the launch.

On behalf of A Breach Of Silence, Mannequin Republic would like to thank everyone who opened their wallets to bring the boys back to the States for another tour.  They’re well on their way to reaching their goal and aren’t … more...

Vultures On InsaniTV



The music of A Breach Of Silence continues to spread as the success of their latest music video for the track “Vultures” has been featured on yet another media outlet.

This time, the clip has popped up on the July edition of InsaniTV, episode 76, which can be seen for free right now on YouTube.  Have a look by going to

You can catch “Vultures” at the 5:34 mark, but stick around to catch some other great metal and heavy music acts also featured on the show, including Segression, Cave Of Swimmers, Keychain, Recollections, Hollow World, and The Apprehended.

Many thanks to the find folks at InsaniTV for including A Breach of Silence on their latest edition of the show and we encourage all of you to check them out today and see the awesome work they do promoting heavy music around the world.… more...